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Unique practical inspiring MAPS that quite simply capture the mind!

Enjoyed & appreciated by all walks of life

Engaging advertising platform that has a character all of its own

Relaxed environment creates a cool tool in which to package your message in a highly valuable effective way

Market to a specific target audience at a particular time of year

Cartography  Art   Design  Illustration  &  Research  by ANNELIESE PRITCHARD


UK EU Referendum Fact Map

UK Exit EU Fact Map


Bristol UK Central NHS Hospitals Fact Map


Bristol UK Map


Clifton Village Bristol UK Map


UK Crime and Emergency Services Fact Map

  • You may be on the maps!

  • Maps can be printed to any size and amount.

  • Advert/sponsorship placed on chosen publication/s.

  • Maps restocked regularly at distribution outlets until the stock has gone.

  • Why not distribute maps – give-away, as a promotion, insert within your own publication, Welcome Pack, Reception Desk, Staff & Visitors.

  • Why not share the space with relevant businesses, your suppliers, Trade Bodies or Associations.

  • Sell or give-away merchandise (E.G. Tea-Towel) to your clients/customers & promote your business at the same time.

  • As requested, by law, copies of Anneliese Pritchard maps must be sent to the National Libraries Archives and so ‘preserved for present & future generations’ - therefore your advert preserved too!

  • Printed on FSC paper & Made in the UK.




UK EU Referendum Fact Map   &   UK Crime and Emergency Services Fact Map & UK Exit EU Fact Map

  • National distribution to specific audiences - please contact me for details


Bristol UK Central NHS Hospitals Fact Map

  • UHB have around 8,000 staff

  • 62 Bristol Doctors Surgeries, Medical Centres and Health Clinics

  • 278 Bristol Dentistry Clinics

  • Health and Sport related businesses and premises in the South West

  • Relevant food shops & cafes around Bristol

  • Supermarkets, Transport hubs & Tourist Information & hotspots in & surrounding Bristol

  • University of Bristol, University of the West of England, colleges & schools


Bristol UK Map   &  Clifton Village Bristol UK Map

  • A specialist distribution company will regularly stock the guides at dedicated stands in prime locations

  • Tourist Hotspots  

  • Transport hubs: 

      - Bristol International Airport 

      - Bristol Temple Meads & Bristol Parkway Railway Stations & London Paddington Train Station

      - Service Stations from M4, M5, M32 & M49 that connect the city

      - Bristol Coach & Bus Station

  • Key information points within 45 mins drive surrounding Bristol

  • Accommodation businesses including 42 hotels

  • 5 Bristol Shopping Centres & numerous Supermarkets, local Cafes & Bars

Bristol UK Student Map

  • Distributed through both University of Bristol & University of the West of England (around 50,000 students & 8,000 Staff)

  • Both Student Unions thrilled to have "As many maps as we can get our hands on!"

  • In addition, they will be regularly stocked in prime locations at Student Unions, Campuses, Accommodation Halls and Residences, and popular student haunts


"I am very pleased to say that the map was a huge success with both students and our staff.  They proved to be a valuable asset to our teams as they engaged with students at their level and the students themselves loved them.  In fact, they were so successful that we have been the envy of our other 3 regions in the UK!"

Marketing Support, Lloyds TSB HQ


"Many thanks for the Bristol map, which I thought was fantastic.  I especially like the use of lettering, which really creates a vibrant impression as well as a sense of intimacy.  Not easy to achieve!  You might consider entering the map for an award if you have not already done so.  Would it be possible for me to use your map in a presentation?"

Dr Alexander Kent FRGS FBCartS

Vice-Chair, International Cartographic Association Commission on Map Design

Co-Chair, British Cartographic Society Design Group 


"General consensus is that we love the guides and would be happy for them to be distributed at Freshers' Fair and around the campuses for the rest of the year."

Marketing and Communication Executive  Bristol University Student Union


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